The Ordination Process for the Seed of Abraham

by Avram Yehoshua


The most important criteria is that you love Yeshua with all your heart, have been baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, and have fully surrendered your life to Yeshua. Seeking ordination through The Seed of Abraham is not a light matter. Please know within yourself that Yeshua is calling you to do this. When you know that, contact me. Resolve yourself that you will be tempted by Satan with fears and doubts, and also, assailed from without by family, friends and foes alike. Seek the Lord Yeshua to strengthen you and to give you wisdom. You will only be able to finish the ordination process if Yeshua is truly Lord of your life.

The cost of this discipleship-ordination program could easily be $15,000–$20,000 US Dollars because it’s comparable to a seminary education, but it’s greater than that because of the quality weekly interaction we will have and the biblically correct Hebraic materials you’ll be reading and giving me feedback on. I don’t ask anything from you monetarily. The cost of the course is free. I ask for your life, though. I ask you to be ready to pray, ready preach and teach His Word, and ready to die for Him. I want you to be willing to give up everything for Him, whatever He may ask of you, for the furtherance of His great Name and the Good News of Life in Messiah Yeshua. If you walk in this ‘cutting edge’ reality you will bear much fruit for Him.

  1. Prayer Life

    1. If you’re not already doing this, please begin your day with 30 minutes of quality prayer time (not 29 or 28 minutes). I realize that you may be very busy, but if you don’t have a daily, quality prayer life, you’re not going to be able to withstand the ordeal of the ordination process, let alone ministry. If you think you don’t have time now, wait until you’re ministering full time.

    2. Quality time means that you’re not doing anything except seeking His Face and praying for others to be drawn to Him, etc. Quality time in that you’re not listening to music or driving down the road, etc. Quiet time. Time specifically set apart to focus on Him and what He has for you that day. True ministry comes out of our time with Him.

    3. If you’re not used to this, you can start off with 15 minutes a day for a week and increase your time by 5 minutes each week until you get to 30 minutes. As a general rule, one half hour a day, in the morning, for your well being and shalom (peace). Now if the Holy Spirit directs you to listen to praise and worship music one day in place of this time in prayer, do so, but this should be the exception, not the general practice.

    4. For the last ten minutes, ‘wait upon the Lord Yeshua.’ Listen for His Voice.…look for Him.’

    5. Prayer and the reading and studying of His Word are eternal investments and help us to live in the day with His Joy and strength.

    6. When you are praying for half hour a day in the morning begin to increase the time by five minutes a week until you are praying for one hour in the morning every day. That’s the goal for the rest of your life. Of course, you can pray in the afternoons or evenings, too, but time in the morning is essential.

  2. Weekly Scripture Readings can be viewed on-line at It’s unlike any other and has proven to be a blessing to many people.

    1. I would like for you to email me a sentence to a paragraph or two on each section of the Scripture reading for each week (e.g. Torah is one section; the Prophets are another section, etc.). I’m not asking for insights for each chapter, just for each major section.

    2. Select a verse or two, etc., from the place that you want to write me about. Write the verse out and tell me how it effected/affected you? What did you see that you hadn’t seen before? What did the Holy Spirit bring to a deeper depth for you? What isight did you get? I am not interested in a summary of the sections, but an insight that you got from reading it.

    3. Try to have your feedback to me no later than Sunday or Monday after the reading ends on the Sabbath.

    4. The Scripture Readings should be read every year. During the ordination process you may be told by me that you don’t have to send in your thoughts on them. This is to allow you more time to concentrate on the articles and books that are required reading. You’re still required to read the Scripture Readings as part of your ministerial lifestyle.

    5. I also ask that the Scripture Readings be handed out to those in your fellowship-congregation as well (or shown where they can find it on the web site). This way everyone will be ‘in sync’ with not only you as the shepherd, but all the people connected to The Seed of Abraham.

    6. You don’t have to bring a message on Shabat to your people from the weekly readings, but you’ll find that as you read them the Lord will give you a message from them, most of the time, and so, they people will have already read the passage that you’ll speak on. This makes for a more ‘family’ oriented atmosphere.

  3. All the articles on The Seed of Abraham website are to be read as part of your ordination re-quirements.

    1. Start with Law 102.
      1. Write your thoughts on it, some insights you may have gotten from it, any questions you might have, etc., and send it to me. I’ll check it off as ‘read’ on a list that I have for your ordination. Then do the same for these:

    2. The Lifting of the Veil: Acts 15:20-21. There are two chapters from the book on the website at, but you’ll need to order the book and read it. You can order it at Amazon1 or search the Internet for another distributor.

    3. Goodbye Messianic Judaism!

    4. Paul & Acts

    5. The Articles section (Biblical, Christian, Jewish and Misc., in their order) at

    6. The Feasts of Israel (in their order).

    7. The Jewish Newsletters (in their order).

    8. Mosaic Sacrifice and Messiah (two articles at

    9. All the Books to Read at are the books that are required reading for the ordination process (in the Articles section, under Misc.). Please read them in the order listed. You can read the books while you are reading the articles on the website or you can do the website first and then the books; however you like. Please send me two or three insights and how it impacted you and perhaps things you weren’t aware of, etc., from each book.

    10. Read all the Witnessing in Israel at (read and give insight, etc.).

    11. This order is not ‘set in stone.’ If you see an article, paper or book that you’d like to read, do so, and send your thoughts about it to me.

      1. If you’re not proficient in Hebrew, you’ll need to purchase the Hebrew course (Hebrew: The Lord’s Way!). Of course, you don’t have to get mine, but you’ll need to learn Hebrew either through my course or somehow else. You’re also required to purchase the two other teaching CD sets:

        1. The Tabernacle of Moses: A Picture of Heaven, and
        2. Shark Bait! The Serpent in Israel
        3. All three sets of CDs are found at at and are half price for all ordainees.

      2. Ideally, you’ll be able to come to Israel and be ordained. If not, we will work around that.

      3. If you are able to come to Israel for ordination, we’ll spend some time together, learning the Word, praying, worshipping and witnessing to Israelis. This way we’ll get to know one another better, and also, there’s nothing like ‘hands on’ experience and seeing someone else ‘do it.’

      4. You can stay with us, instead of at a hotel.

      5. You’ll receive your ordination certificate and card.

      6. Eventually, Lord willing, we’ll have a conference in Israel, once every four years for all those who have been ordained and their families. We’ll fellowship, pray, praise and worship together, and learn many things from our Lord Yeshua as well as do a little touring of Israel.

  4. The goal for ordination is to read the weekly Scripture Readings and to give insights, etc., on all the articles and books on the web site, as well as interaction with me. By the time that you are ordained you will have received something both academically and spiritually better than if you had gone to a seminary.

    1. If I sense from the Lord that you’re ready for ordination before you finish all the website material then you’ll be ordained at that time. Of course, you’ll need to continue reading until all the material is read, but ordination is not based on what you’re read, but who you are in Messiah Yeshua. On the other hand, if after having read all the material on the website I sense that you’re not ready to be ordained, then we’ll wait upon the Lord until I sense his timing.

    2. If after ordination, one, ten or thirty years down the road, you feel that your theology has changed and that you can no longer, in good conscience, keep Torah, or, if you sense that the Lord is leading you in another direction and you want to sever your official ties with The Seed of Abraham, just send me your ordination certificate and card. After that you are free to follow whatever path you sense the Lord is leading you in.

    3. Of course, if you teach things that are contrary to the Word and ‘off the wall’ in my judgment (e.g. Kabbalah; Sunday observance; the wearing of the kipa; Yeshua not being deity; etc.) and you do not repent after a given time, you’ll be notified that you are no longer officially part of The Seed of Abraham. I will ask for your ordination certificate and card back and you’ll not be able to use the name, The Seed of Abraham, or my name or articles, etc., for anything (e.g. the name of your congregation; teachings of mine, etc.).

  5. The Hebraic Perspective is a ‘wide open field’ with much room for growing theologically, for discussion, oneness and disagreement. We can disagree on issues not central to our faith in Messiah Yeshua (e.g. the day of the Resurrection; the date of the Exodus, etc.), and still fellowship, but there are boundaries that if one goes past, disqualifies them for association with The Seed of Abraham. Everyone sins, and hopefully, after correction will change, but heresy, rebellion and an un¬teachable spirit will not be tolerated.

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