Avram Yehoshua was born in Brooklyn, New York on 24 May 1951 and circumcised into the Covenant of Father Abraham eight days later. When Avram was 24 years old (October 1975), he gave his life to Messiah Yeshua and he was Born Again, in Tampa, FL, and his heart was circumcised (John 3:3, 5; Col. 2:11). Eight years later, after five years of graduate work (four years in the Master of Divinity program at Oral Roberts University, and another year in Marriage and Family Therapy at Oklahoma State University) he established and led The Seed of Abraham, the first Hebraic Perspective congregation in Tulsa, OK (1983 to 1999).

During that time, Avram evangelized his Jewish people by sending out, through postal mail, the Jewish News­letters. They went to all the Jews in the greater Tulsa metropolitan area and a smattering into 40 states and a few countries. The Jewish Newsletters, of which there are 36 on this website (under JEWISH NEWSL), explain a passage in the Old Testament and how the ancient Israelis would have understood it, and then go on to reveal how Yeshua (Jesus) is seen in the midst of it. Avram also went out into the Jewish community, knocking on (only) Jewish doors, presenting Messiah Yeshua to his Jewish people. There are many churches in Tulsa, but none evangelized the Jewish people.

Avram has taught more than 500 times, in churches in the USA and Israel, on the holiness of Jesus from an Old Testament perspective, and on The Hebraic Perspective. From 1991 to 1998 Avram was also a volunteer chaplain in the Oklahoma prison system. He held worship services at four different facilities every month (one every week); from the maximum facility at McAlester (Oklahoma State Penitentiary; i.e. Death Row and its maximum prison), to a minimum facility in Taft, OK (Jess Dunn).

In 1995 the Lord Yeshua led Avram and his wife Ruti to live in Israel for 16 years, where they brought the Great News about Messiah Yeshua to their Jewish people, on the streets and by-ways of Israel. From 1995-1997 and 1999-2013, Avram and Ruti lived and ministered in Jerusalem, Tiberias (on the Sea of Galilee), Eilat (the southern-most city in Israel) and Ramat Gan (next to Tel Aviv) and witnessed to thousands of their Jewish people about Yeshua—the Messiah of Israel. In April 2013 they were arrested (having been denied Israeli citizenship since 1995 because of their faith in Messiah Yeshua), imprisoned for 10 days and deported from Israel. From April 2013 to the present, the Lord has led Avram to minister in churches, home fellowships and Bible studies in 35 states in the USA. He currently lives with his wife Ruti in Houston, TX.

Avram also trains and ordains men to begin branch congregations of The Seed of Abraham in their communities as pastors, as well as teachers and evangelists. If you feel led to seek ordination in any of those positions, or just want more information, see The Ordination Process. Currently (December 2017) there are two ordained ministers and seven men in the ordination process.

Avram also teaches The Hebraic Perspective via email. If you have any biblical questions you would like to discuss regarding the Torah walk or the articles on this website, please feel free to contact him.

Avram has written two books; SAM THE ROCK THROWER and The Lifting of the Veil—Acts 15:20-21. In Israel Avram witnessed to thousands of Israelis in personal evangelism, one of whom was SAM, who almost killed Avram. Not every time of witnessing was that life threatening, but all of them were very special. SAM THE ROCK THROWER is a treasure chest of witnessing and biblical insights on Scripture. Avram also weaves his testimony throughout his times of witnessing, which makes it very rewarding because we see a man who is totally dedicated and surrendered to Yeshua, on his Journey into the Lord’s Refining Fire (Zech. 13:9; Mal. 3:3).

SAM THE ROCK THROWER can be read and/or downloaded for free.

The Lifting of the Veil is truly a ‘must read’ for properly understanding Scripture and how Yeshua wants every Christian to walk out their faith in Him (1st John 2:6). The Church, interpreting the four rules of James (v. 20) as table fellowship, completely misses God’s point. Understood from The Hebraic Perspective the four rules form a conceptual unit on sacrificial sexual idolatry, an all-to-common practice in the ancient pagan world. James was concerned that Jesus would just be ‘added’ to a Gentile’s pantheon and he would continue to believe in, and worship, Diana and Zeus, etc. The four rules acted as a spiritual filter, revealing whether Gentile faith in Yeshua was genuine or not, because Yeshua, as we know, won’t countenance competitors. These four rules, then, were the first of many (Mosaic) laws, and not ‘the only rules’ that the Gentiles were expected to observe ‘for table fellowship.’ They were given because of their primary importance, specifically in relation to Gentile salvation, which is why the Council of Acts 15 was convened (Acts 15:1-2f.). This forms the New Testament’s theological foundation, after the resurrection, that establishes Mosaic Law for every Christian because immediately after these four rules are presented, James speaks of the Gentile going to the synagogue, on the Sabbath day, to learn the rest of the laws of Moses (i.e. Mosaic Law; v. 21).

The Lifting of the Veil can be read and/or downloaded for free.

Since the year 2000 we have given more than $182,000 to Israelis in need of love, food, clothing, electric and Bibles, etc., both Jewish believers and yet-to-be Jewish believers.

In July 2012 the Lord led us to begin helping what has now become six Kenyan pastor/caretakers, in six different villages, who care for more than 100 orphans. Since 2012 we have sent them more than $46,000 for food and clothing, and we have supplied each orphan and pastor, etc., with Bibles and mosquito netting, as well as having dug wells for clean water, etc. Avram also teaches these pastors The Hebraic Perspective, and they teach it to their own children, their orphans, their congregants and other Kenyans—to the glory of Messiah Yeshua! We are seeking to build shelters/homes for the orphans (as they live in the homes of the pastors), and to raise up an Army of Orphans for Messiah Yeshua that will bring Kenya to Yeshua and His Hebraic Perspective.

If you would like to thank Avram for his teachings and/or to help him reach out to Jews and Gentiles with
the Great News of Messiah Yeshua and The Hebraic Perspective, and/or to send funds to needy Israelis
and our 100 plus orphans in Kenya, you can send a donation through PayPal.

If you would like for Avram to bring a message on the holiness of Messiah Yeshua and/or a teaching on The Hebraic Perspective, and/or a teaching on his time in Israel, contact him through the website’s Homepage email. Messiah Yeshua has called and trained Avram in two primary areas: teaching His Body about its ancient Hebraic heritage and proclaiming the Great News about Yeshua to Jews and Gentiles. This two-fold ministry is reflected in the articles, books and CDs on this website.

All the articles on this website are in PDF, for easy reading and/or printing out. They have footnotes (vs. the endnotes usually seen at the end of most articles on the Internet). You can also download any PDF article/s for your own personal use, and store them, email them to others, and/or print them out to use as handouts.

avram and ruti 50
Avram on his 50th birthday
getting a birthday kiss from Ruti.
Eilat, Israel 
24 May 2001

avram 2007
July 2007

avram 2008
Avram in Rambam Square, Ramat Gan,
looking to minister to Israelis.
Avram wore biblical clothes in Israel for
five years (2006-2011). Note two of the
four tzit’ziot at the bottom right of the garment. March 2008

Ruti in her feast day clothing.
Ramat Gan, Israel (2009)

Avram and Ruti in their apartment in Ramat Gan, Israel. August 2012

baby avram
Avram six months old.
24 Sept 1951

young avram and bro
Nachum (3 years old) and his brother 
Avram (5 years old).
Sept 1956

kid avram
8 years old.
May 1959

teen avram
18 years old. Senior in high school.
May 1969

adult avram with sons
Snuggling with his sons Yoel (1.5 yrs old) 
and Zavdi (3.5 yrs old).
April 1988

ruti and son
Avram’s wife Ruti and her son, Zechariah
Mosheh. Erev Shabat, June 1990

Zavdi and Yoel
Zavdi (23) and Yoel (21) eating their first
shwarma in Israel and loving it! This is the first
time they were with their father in almost 20 years.
August 2008

new avram pic
Avram Yehoshua 
57 years old 
Oct 2008