PP 2021

PP 2021 is a dual project for Pius Mboti Oendo and his 20 orphans. There is a 28’×50’ structure for the orphanage and a 16×26’ structure for the kitchen. Brother Pius prepared the site, got the materials, sought out a competent and competitive Fundi (professional site planner), who brought in the materials. As a result, the foundation has been laid and the structures are beginning to take shape. The work is progressing well.

Lord willing, by Passover we should have much done in both sites.

Please continue praying for the workers, that they would give their lives to Yeshua, and that He would keep the orphans safe in his holy Hands.


Pius on the site symbolically holding the first brick of the orphanage. It’s been a long time in the coming, and Pius has been faithful.
Some workers making a foundation for the orphanage.
 Soil over the orphanage foundation.
The structure is beginning to rise.
Another picture of the the first phase.
It’s beginning to take shape
It’s rising!

The orphanage for Pius’ 20 orphans is rising! Thank You, Yeshua! In the picture below, one of the children seems to be playing, Simon Says! : )

The workers have had a challenge getting the materials to the site because of bad roads and heavy rains, but Yeshua made a way for us. The roof and the Iron sheets for Pius’s orphanage are in place. They are putting up the roof’s iron sheets for the  Kitchen, too. We are looking forward to plastering, fixing doors and windows, etc.

July 6, 2021
Pius’ new kitchen is also being built at the same time as his new orphanage. The kitchen will feed Pius and his wife, Naom, as well as their five children and 20 orphans (and I’m sure, some congregants as well).
Dec. 15, 2021
A view of the orphanage
Dec 15, 2021
Some metal bunkbeds waiting to be transported to Pius’ orphanage where they’ll be given mattresses, bedding and pillows for the children.

Thursday, March 17, 2022 is the day the new orphanage (straight ahead) and kitchen (on the right) for Pius and his wife Naomi and their more than 20 children were dedicated unto our Lord Yeshua. March 17th was the first day of Purim this year.

Pius going down into the new orphanage.

Some children checking the orphanage out.

From left to right: Pius, Samuel (Sammy), Pius’ wife Naom, Hellen (Sammy’s wife), Charles, Ronald, Alfayo, George and his wife, Annah, and Nancy (Dickson’s wife) and Mary (Charle’s wife). All the men are pastors, under the oversight and care of our elder-pastor in Kenya, Samuel Maseru.

Sammy, Pius, and Naom looking at the dedication plaque for Pius’ new orphanage.

Naom, Pius and others inside the orphanage, with some children sitting on the beds.

Sammy Maseru honoring Pius and Naom at the dedication.

Naom and Pius on the day their orphanage and kitchen were dedicated to Yeshua.

Noam on the left, many of her children, and Sammy (on the left) and his wife Hellen (on the right). If you look real close, in middle of the back row, you can see Pius’ head to the right of the girl in the yellow dress.

Some of the new bunkbeds for the children in their new orphanage.

Pius and his wife Naom at their new orphanage, pointing to the added plaque at the bottom, honoring Isaac Obara’s death in 2017. Their faces reflect their sadness at Isaac’s death. It’s not easy raising orphans in Kenya.
Another view of the two plaques. In 2018 we were able to get mosquito netting for all the children’s beds. This way their chance of dying from a mosquito bite with malaria at night was lessened.

“God administers justice for the orphan and the widow, and loves the stranger, giving him food and clothing.” (Deuteronomy 10:18)

If you want to give to give for this project, write “For PP 2021.”