The General Fund

The General Fund covers the overall expenses of the ministry; food, shelter and clothes for Avram and Ruti; ministry needs (e.g. witnessing tools, postage, biblical books to read, and Bibles to give out to those searching for God's Truth, etc.); tithes for needy Americans; giving to the poor in Israel, as well as funds for our 104 orphans in Kenya and their pastor/caretakers. Financially, we give to whomever we see has a need, as our Lord leads. There are people we help every month, some we help intermittently, and some we give to only one time. We desire to serve people in whatever way we can, and helping with money for food and clothes, as well as sharing the Great News about Messiah Yeshua, are two of those ways. The financial figures below represent all the money received in the last 16 years (2000-2015) and what we have given to Jews and Gentiles in need (more than 27% of all the funds we have received).

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The Israeli Fund

Having lived in Israel for 16 years, Avram and Ruti, his wife, know some Israelis who have families that aren't always able to feed their children. Since the year 2000 The Seed of Abraham has given more than $173,000 to Israelis in need. 


This is Hoshen.  Her name signifies the 12 jewel laden breastplate of the High Priest of Israel. We've been financially helping her Mom and Dad and her two sisters to eat and pay their rent, etc., since before she was born.

This is Ilan holding his newborn daughter Geffen. Her name means "grape vine." Isn't that beautiful? Ilan is the father of Hoshen.


Zoli Birthday

This is Zoli. He celebrated his 33rd birthday with Avram and Ruti in their apartment in Ramat Gan, Israel (Feb 2008). Zoli gave his life to Messiah Yeshua through Avram and Ruti. You can read how that happened in Sam the Rock Thrower.
Ruti and an Israeli woman named Adella she witnessed to in Kikar Rambam; a park in the center of Ramat Gan, Israel. Adella is looking at her friends, seated on a park bench (March 2008).

Ruti witnessing

Ruti and Shuli

Ruti and Shuli (on the right ) in Shuli's apartment in Eilat, Israel (August 2008). Shuli gave her life to Yeshua, through Avram and Ruti, in 2003. She is most likely the first Moroccan woman to come to Yeshua since Acts Two. We've been helping Shuli to eat and pay her bills since 2002. You can read about Shuli and how all that came about in Sam the Rock Thrower.
Oriyan holding her baby sister Geffen (Nov 2014). Oriyan is Hoshen's older sister.

Israeli Children

““Comfort! Yes, comfort My people!” says your God. “Speak kindly to Jerusalem and cry out to her
that her warfare has ended and that her iniquity is pardoned. For she has received from Yahveh’s hand double for all her sins.”” (Isaiah 40:1-2)

“For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until her righteousness shines out as the dawn,
and her salvation like a blazing torch!” (Isaiah 62:1)

 If you wish to give specifically to the Israeli fund, please specify it on your giving: 'For Israel.' Thank you!

The Kenyan Fund

Since July 2012 through June 2016, The Seed of Abraham has given $25,272 to our now 104 orphans and their six pastor/caretakers living in six different villages around the Kenyan city of Kisii (about 180 miles, or 290 kilometers, west of Nairobi). The money is generally used for food and clothing. These children don’t live in orphanages, but instead live with the pastor and his wife. (Can you imagine having ten to twenty children living with you, and feeding and teaching them the Way of the Lord, along with your own children?) We would like to feed them properly (give them more funds for food and also clothes), and build some orphanages for them. Avram and Ruti desire to go and live there and help with the orphans and the orphanages and the teaching and loving of the children and the pastors and their flock. Avram and Ruti are waiting upon the Lord and His timing. There are other basic needs beside food, clothing and shelter, like bathrooms, beds, bedding, mosquito netting, Bibles for the children and adult congregants, and wells for clean drinking water. Here is our giving from July 2012 through 2015:

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Samuel Maseru lives in Nairobi, Kenya and has been a pastor for over 30 years. A few years ago he saw the beauty, depth and righteousness of The Hebraic Perspective and began the ordination process for The Seed of Abraham, so that he could be taught The Hebraic Perspective and ordained. Samuel (Sammy, as he likes to be called) is a licensed minister of The Seed of Abraham and acts as our official liaison between the six Kenyan pastor/caretakers and The Seed of Abraham. Sammy frequently travels to see, teach and encourage them, and to pass our funds onto them. We are blessed to have Sammy in this capacity because he has checked them out and knows that they are legitimate; that they do have the orphans they profess to have and they do have needs for  food and clothes, etc.

On Feb. 1st, 2016, Sammy wrote:

Yeshua has worked on my world view in that he wants to touch the poor and the hurting. We have poor orphans we help from time to time as the Lord provides. We live close to the Kibera slums, which could be the largest slum in Africa. Kibera has a history which goes back to colonial days when the railroad was being built by workers of Kenyan tribes and some from Sudan. As time went on those who did not return to their rural homes created an informal settlement here. 

We have come to know children who are destitute, but Yeshua is helping us in our small way to make a difference in their lives. In many cases it is food and clothes which appear to be the need, and as you keep on checking on them you piece together, case by case, the difficulties these orphans have. A poor child or orphan cannot access Kenyan education without food, clothes (school uniforms), shoes and shelter. These children lack guidance and such, and are exposed to many dangers. In worst cases these children end up in the street when all has failed and they beg (or they turn to crime and prostitution). We have needy children who have been abandoned. This is a situation we are confronted with:

“They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with joy, bringing his sheaves with him.” (Psalm 126:5-6)

We are believing God to step in and bring a change for these children; a change that will transform them. We have widows who are working hard to help their children from their own merger resources. Thank you for asking us to give to those in need, it is the Lord directing his people to respond to those in need.

**In the last sentence, Sammy is speaking of the tithe that Avram asks the pastor/caretakers, and Sammy, to give of the funds that we send them. They give a tenth of what they receive to needy people in their congregation and/or village. (All the money in the Kenyan Fund goes to the orphans and their pastor caretakers. The money given to Sammy comes out of the General Fund of The Seed of Abraham.)



This is Vincent. 12 years old in 2012.
We want to love him, make sure he has food
to eat every day, and show him the Way of the Life.


This is Naom. Isn't she precious?
3 years old (2012)




This is Isaac.
6 years old (2012).
Our heart goes out to him.
We want to pick him up, hug and hold him
so that he knows Yeshua loves him.

On February 19th, 2017, Isaac died of malaria.
He was 11 years old…

Pius (left; pastor) with 15 of his 20 orphans. They live in his home with his wife, Naom and their three young children.
Sammy (pastor) is on the right. (July 2012)

Pastor with kids



This is Damacklin. She is a flower, rare and precious.
10 years old (2012).


These are seven of Dickson and Nancy's 8 orphans. They also have four small, young children of their own.




Here's Sammy loving one of Charles' and Mary's 11 orphans. He's offering her a glucose biscuit (a sugar cookie). Isn't she precious? All the orphans live with Charles and Mary in their small cottage.


Here are Charles (pastor) and Mary's orphans in the new clothing that
The Seed of Abraham provided for them. The children are holding up their
"glucose biscuits" (sugar cookies), which is a little treat that we ask the pastors to buy for the children when we send them funds for food and clothes, so they have a little something sweet to eat. 
As you can imagine, it's pretty crowded in the home of Charles and Mary, but their hearts, like the rest of the pastors, are "compelled from Above" to take in the orphans. It's the heart of our Lord Yeshua for them.


Bathroom 1

In April 2016 we sent funds for brother Pius to build two outdoor bathrooms having four stalls each. One bathroom for the boys and one for the girls. Pius had a single unit ‘make-shift’ bathroom before, but it was blown down by the heavy rains and strong winds, and so they couldn’t use it. Here’s the initial set up for one of the new bathrooms:

Here it is with a few more bricks in place.

More bricks

Bathroom 3

This is what it looked like after a roof was put on it and a barrier placed in front of it.

Here’s the inside of a stall. That’s right; no toilet. One just stands or squats. This is what it was like in the Israeli prison, where Ruti and Avram spent a little over a week before they were deported back to the USA. You can read about that in Sam the Rock Thrower.

Bathroom Finished

Bathroom Finished 2

Here is a finished bathroom, minus the door locks and the painting needed for the wooden doors.

A cement wall separates two stalls from the other two. Here’s a worker drilling a hole for the door to be able to lock the door from the inside.

Bathroom Finished Exit

Bathroom Finished Ribbon

Brothers Pius and Sammy in front of the first bathroom.

This was the make-shift bathroom that toppled over during a severe rain storm. Note: there’s only one place (for one person) to use the bathroom at a time. With Pius having more than 20 children it could be backed up for quite a while.

Other Site

Other Site 1

A side view of the damaged bathroom.

Brother Sammy distributing some glucose biscuits (cookies) to some of our orphans.



Here are some women from the village gathering water to drink and cook with. There is no running water or plumbing in the villages. The water has to be boiled or else they might come down with malaria or typhoid. That’s why we want to drill some wells for all the pastor/caretakers that need them, so they can have clean water to drink and cook with. We also want to give everyone solid bathrooms and homes/orphanages for their orphans.

A picture of a worker by our first well for one of the pastors and his orphans. They struck water at 35 feet (11 meters). The well is now finished (24 August 2016).


Rain Filtering

Also, with the heavy rainfall that Kenya receives most of the year, it’s practical to set up a large 5,000 liter (1,320 gallon) rain-filtering water tank for some of the pastors. The area averages about 6.5 inches (165mm) of rain a month, which is a lot of water. Their yearly rainfall is about 165 inches (1977mm), so a water tank like this one is a God-send. This water tank was for another village and its orphans and is now functional. 

A water tank costs about $500.
A well costs about $800.
A bathroom costs about $1,200.
An orphan home costs about $24,000 (plus beds and blankets, etc.).
Thank you for your prayers, that Papa God would provide for all the needs of the children, and for our Jewish poor in Israel, in the mighty Name of Yeshua!

Thank you for your prayers, as the Lord leads, for our needy in Israel and our orphans in Kenya.

“God administers justice for the orphan and the widow, and loves the stranger, giving him food and clothing.” (Deuteronomy 10:18)

If you wish to give specifically to the Kenyan Fund, please specify it in your giving.